Otterbox Defender Case for iPad 3 Review

When purchasing a brand new iPad the last thing you want to do is break it. The best way to protect the iPad from falls/knocks/ scratches etc. is to purchase and use a case. There is a problem though, by performing a quick Google search for iPad 3 Case you will see there are literally hundreds of different ones to choose from. Not only do they look different they are also designed to serve a different purpose for different usage environments.

So which iPad case do you choose?

To answer that you really do have to decide on how much protection do you actually want to give to your iPad. There are some that would protect your iPad from a nuclear warhead, but on the other hand wouldn’t even protect it from a misplaced baked bean. The Otterbox Defender case for iPad sits very nicely in between those extremes; it offers excellent protection without adding to much bulk to the iPad, meaning it still stays very thin.

iPad 3 Defender Case by Otterbox

iPad 3 Defender Case by Otterbox

The case consists of three parts, firstly a silicone protector which serves two functions, it provides the iPad with added impact resistance by absorbing the majority of the impact as well as giving the case a much better feel when being held.

The second part is the hard poly carbonate shell which fits perfectly around your iPad, this is part that gives the case its name “Defender”. The third and final part is the detachable screen cover, not only does this poly carbonate cover allow protection to the front screen whilst travelling it can also be used as a stand, (See Side view Image), great for watching movies and browsing the web.

It also has a clear plastic window on the back of the case, perfectly positioned to keep the Apple Logo visible, but it is still completely sealed which prevents any dust to work in behind the case. The volume and power button is covered by the silicone cover and silicone plugs prevent dust/dirt from collecting in the headphone jacks.

When first used this headphone plug can be quite difficult to remove but as it gets used over time it does become much easier to remove. I have been using Otterbox Defender cases to protect my iPad since the release of the first iPad, and the only criticism I have is the fact the plugs can be difficult to remove at first but as I said, this does loosen up over time.

If you are interested in checking out the case, have a look at the Otterbox website by clicking this link.
iPad 4/iPad 3/iPad 2 Defender Series Case

JGBlogging Rating 5/5

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