Playstation 4 Rumors, News and all important Release Date

There has been so much talk over the last few months about the new Playstation from Sony. Now the fact is only Sony know the truth about the new product they are releasing, but of course there are rumours. The first thing we will cover is a collection of the most talked about Playstation 4 rumours on the web. I will then take a few of the most plausible ones a talk in more depth.

Name: The obvious this for Sony to do when it comes to the name is to stick with the same routine for each of the new playstations released and call it the PS4, but there has been rumours around the web on the new name being Playstation Orbis, the likeliness of this as the final name is slim but currently it does seem they are using it as a code name for their new console.

Specifications: When a new console release or even a new product release is rumoured the different spec rumours are varied from one article to another. This is no different with the new Playstation. The most common specs on the other hand are as followed:

  • AMD CPU x64
  • AMD Southern Islands GPU

Now the processor is pretty much the expected improvement over the previous processor used in the PS3, but the graphics improvement is far exceeding the expectations we had in the new console. The southern Islands GPU’s from AMD has been used in some high end gaming PC’s last year. Rumours are that with this new graphics card the Playstation 4 will be capable of playing game in a huge 4096×2160 resolution which is far bigger than most HD TV currently being used today. The PS3 previous was capable of playing 3D games at 720p; the new Playstation could be capable of playing 3D games in full HD 1080p quality.

NEW – New rumours for Specs: Having saying that previous, news rumours Nov 2012 have said the PS4 dev kits given to the developers contain and AMD A10 APU which is a processor with a graphics chip plugged into the side (basic way of explaining), between 8GB and 16GB of RAM, a 256GB Hard drive and of course a blue ray drive.

Now I said earlier I wanted to briefly go into detail about a few rumours which are very likely to be true. I believe these (if are true in the product release) will effect most Playstation users, but not necessarily in a positive way.

No Backward Compatibility : What does this mean, well, when Sony released the PS3 they made it able to play PS2 games by including an extra chip in the hardware, but it seems this time round they have just scrapped the whole idea of backward compatibility. Sony has said they have no intention of added the ability to do this. Now by doing this, it is going to affect everybody who currently has a PS3 in order to continue playing those games they are going to have to keep their PS3 but purchase the new Playstation in order to play any new releases.

Not only has Sony become unpopular for this decision they have also made another move to limit the game which can be played. Microsoft has also planned to do this on their new console release.

No Second Hand/Borrowed Games: They have made the decision to limit the purchase of a game to one PSN account. You will be able to purchase the game in one of two ways, either the full retail disc or a download from the PSN store. Once purchased that game will remain in your history and be registered to your account. What does this mean for trade-in games? Well, this part is unsure, rumours are that there will be some sort of limited functionality for second hand games such as a trial, requiring a purchase to unlock the full game. By doing this it will still enable trade-in’s to occur just may reduce the values of these games. Having this one account per game functionality would remove the need for game publishers to provide and online pass for each game that is sold.

"It really is just a waiting game"

“It really is just a waiting game”

Release Date: The most common question when it comes to new product releases is when is it being released? The rumoured release date is during the months running up to Christmas this year, so relative to the time it isn’t actually that long. But Sony has been very quiet about the date so it could still be sometime in 2014.

Now obviously all of this is rumoured, everything we though may not actually be the case when the final product is release, to find the actual truth it really is just a waiting game.

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  • Sam

    What happens to all of us who have a shelf full of ps3 games. Sony needs to really think through their plan to not include backward compatibility.

  • JGBlogging

    Yeah exactly, though if they do go forward and prevent PS3 games playing on the new playstation there isn’t much we can do. If we want to play the new game releases we need the new playstation, but in order to play your shelf full of games you need to keep your PS3.